Domy se stromy

Ing. arch. Petr Šindelář „Do you dream of an original and modern home? This dream can come true within half a year with us! You will save not only time but also worries and future operation costs of the house.“

All family houses must be built in accordance with the passive standard after 2020. A low-energy or passive house will significantly improve the comfort of living, lower heating costs and ensure there is a constant inflow of fresh air, without creating a draft in the house.

In contrast to the other products on the market, our construction solution allows for extraordinary speed and quality of the realisation of the project. We only use reliable and durable materials.

We guarantee to keep to the schedule of construction as well as the budget. We will provide you with a house ready to move in, including the design of its surroundings, in half a year of commencing the project. As a thank you and a gift from us, you will receive a tree of your own choice– a symbol of our positive attitude towards nature – that will provide you with desired shade in the summer.

Why work with us?

  1. Guarantee of keeping to the budget
  2. Keeping to the schedule of construction
  3. Fast and effective communication