An important parameter when using a house is its operation costs. The tried and tested construction system of self-supporting sandwich panels, K-KONTROL® by the company CZECH PAN, form the basis of the shell construction. Slavona wooden euro-windows have the required thermal insulation properties and meet the strict requirements of passive house construction. Their installation is, in addition, quick and simple. We, therefore, save not only your time but your money as well.

A passive house uses less than 15 kWh/m2 per year, while today’s ordinarily built new house uses up to 150 kWh/m2 in a year. Heat gains from the sun, people and electrical appliances can comfortably heat up the house during most of the year.

You can also get rid of some health problems by living in a passive house. Ventilation units with heat recovery, which operate at night too, filter the air and remove harmful impurities and dust from it. As a result, you breathe only fresh air without the feeling of a draft.

The equipment and furnishings of the whole interior is made to measure, practical and has low maintenance requirements. We use durable materials that have the ability to age naturally and do not lose their properties or appearance at the same time. The precise workmanship of individual details is as important to us as the quality of the whole house.

When handing-over the house, you will receive, as a thank you and a gift from us, a tree of your own choice – a symbol of our positive attitude towards nature. It will provide you with desired shade in the summer months, it will prevent the façade from overheating and in winter, on the other hand, when the leaves fall off, it will allow sun rays to flow freely through the crown of the tree and will ensure a free supply of heat to your house. That is why we offer a lifelong guarantee on it.

We are also prepared for the possibility that it will not only be the trees that will grow in the future. We have several options ready for the easy and quick rebuilding of the house in the future.

Why a house with a tree?

  • HOUSES WITH TREES are designed so that you feel comfortable, free and in harmony with the environment during the course of your whole life.
  • We are happy to design and supply supplementary functional buildings, such as a garage, shed or storage unit.
  • Reliable and high quality K-KONTROL® construction systems and Slavona wooden euro-windows.
  • Guaranteed speed of the realisation due to well-planned construction of the house and our specially trained assembly team.
  • Possibility of quick spatial variability according to your needs during the course of life.
  • The tree, as a gift and the most suitable aesthetical accessory significantly contributes to the overall positive thermal balance of the house.
  • Low-energy and passive houses as well as supplementary functional buildings such as a garage, shed or storage unit.